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As per any venue there is a lot happening ‘behind the scenes’ at Camp Obadiah This section of our web site lists information of a general nature. It is requested that if you are intending to use our facility then you please take the time to read the information listed here.

  • CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT TIMES - Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out time is 10 am. If there is no other group immediately before or after your booking then we are more than happy to be flexible on these times. If you think that you may like to arrive earlier or leave later than the specified times please contact us prior to your arrival.




  • CATERING - Usually we do not provide catering for groups.  Having said that however, we do allow groups to bring up to 2 of their own catering staff at no cost.If you are unable to bring your own caterers then we are more than happy to make enquiries on your behalf and, if possible, get a local third-party caterer to contact you regarding your requirements.


  • DAMAGES TO PROPERTY - We understand that from time to time things will get broken. If any damages occur due to the actions of a guest then an invoice will be raised and any repair/replacement costs will be charged to the guest.   If you notice that something is damaged on your arrival then please let our staff know so that you will not be inadvertently charged.


  • THE ADMINISTRATION OFFICE - The administration office is usually staffed Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. If a camp is in then the office is usually staffed on weekends also. The administration office has internet terminals, business services, sporting equipment and a first aid kit available. If you think you might need to have the office staffed out-of-hours then please let us know upon arrival.


  • CAMP KITCHEN & DINING ROOM - Our camp kitchen and dining room are well-equipped. Everything you need is provided. This includes Cooking Utensils, Crockery, Cutlery, Cleaning Materials and Tea-Towels. It is the responsibility of the guests to keep the kitchen and dining area clean at all times. Guests are also responsible for the washing of tea-towels. If, for any reason, you require something that is not provided, please advise administration. If you notice that something is damaged on your arrival then please let our staff know so that you will not be inadvertently charged.


  • OH&S INFORMATION - Given that a lot of groups use our venue we have endeavoured to make our facilities as safe as possible. For example: - fire detectors have been fitted and are regularly checked- our bunks are compliant with Australian standards- verandah railings have been replaced so as to comply with regulatory standards  - signage has been erected warning guests of areas that are out of bounds  - fully tested fire extinguishers, fire blankets & fire hoses  - plus a host of other safeguards.


  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS - Listed below you find some phone numbers that can be used in the case of an emergency: - 

    • 000 - Fire, police and ambulance emergency number

    • 0467 510 460 - Resident Manager

    • 0409 484 202 - Resident Nurse

    • 02 6592 9111 - Manning Base Hospital (Taree)

    • 02 6581 2000 - Port Macquarie Base Hospital


  • RESTRICTED AREAS - There are several areas within Camp Obaidiah that contain either private residences, machinery & equipment and/or hazardous materials. These areas are classed as ‘out of bounds’ and clearly signposted as such. Guests are asked not to venture into these areas.


  • DRINKING WATER - Water at Camp Obadiah is supplied from rainwater tanks. Although the water is safe to drink you are able to obtain ultra-violet filtered water from the taps in the camp kitchen. Also, if you choose to do so you may boil water before consuming it.Given that we are on tank water guests are requested to be wise in helping us to conserve this precious resource.


  • RAILWAY CROSSING - When entering or exiting Camp Obadiah you are required to use an ungated railway crossing. Please make sure to observe the STOP signs and bring your vehicle to a standstill and check for trains before crossing the line. Goods trains and the Sydney to Brisbane XPT rail service use the lines several times a day.


  • EXITING THE PROPERTY - Access to Camp Obadiah is directly from the Pacific Highway. Please be advised that when leaving the property you MUST turn left. If you are travelling south then this poses no problem. If you are travelling north however, you must turn left into the southbound lanes and then use the U-Turn bay approximately six hundred metres south of our entrance.


Please DO NOT turn right onto the highway when exiting Camp Obadiah.


  • INTERNET ACCESS - Internet access is available in our Administration Building, Conference Hall plus our 3 self-contained cottages.  Also, Optus and Telstra provide good 4G reception and good reception is also available from Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. 


  • SMOKING POLICY - Please be aware that smoking is NOT PERMITTED in any of the rooms or on the front verandahs of the dormitory block. If you wish to smoke then please use the verandah area on the back of the dormitory common room or wander outside and smoke in an area some distance away from the buildings. Please remember ti remove and dispose of your cigarette butts.


  • ALCOHOL POLICY - Guests are permitted to bring alcohol into the Camp Obadiah area and are permitted to consume alcohol in their rooms or the common areas such as the camp dining room & BBQ area. NO ALCOHOL consumption is allowed at the lake, gymnasium, tennis court or other common areas. Please be aware that any drunken or anti-social behaviour will NOT BE tolerated and guests not complying with this rule will be asked to leave.


  • NOISE & DISTURBANCES - Camp Obadiah has several private residences within it's bounds. As such guests are asked to be considerate and keep noise to a minimum - especially before 8:30am and after 9pm.


  • THE GYMNASIUM - The gymnasium contains equipment that could be hazardous to children. As such guests are asked not to permit anyone under the age of 16 to enter the gym without adult supervision.


  • CAMPFIRE SITE & BBQ AREAS - We have several campfire sites and BBQ areas available to our guests. As using these areas involves ‘naked flames’ we ask that you check with reception to see if there are any fire restrictions in place before using these areas. We also ask that you use extreme caution if windy conditions are being experienced. Please be considerate and keep noise to a miniumum when using these areas - particularly before 8:30am and after 9pm.


  • THE MAIN CONFERENCE HALL - The conference hall contains some expensive equipment and musical instruments. These include the following: - movie projector- motorised screen- wired and wireless microphones- sound mixing bench- all-in-one computer system- grand piano- drum kit, and- other associated equipment. If you wish to use any of the equipment or instruments in the meeting room please contact staff. Please DO NOT allow unsupervised children to use this equipment.


  • THE LAKE -  Our lake is a source of fantastic enjoyment to our guests. Please be responsible when being in or around the lake. Ensure children are supervised at all times and please make sure that life jackets are used when using the kayaks, canoes or covered motorised boat. Please do not push people in or attempt to ‘bomb’ anyone swimming in the lake. If you intend using the lake in the colder months then please bring a neoprene suit.


  • FISHING - There are quite a number of large fish in the our lake and it’s OK to fish for them on a ‘catch and throw back’ basis. We don’t allow guests to keep the fish. Also, we don’t supply tackle or bait so if you’d like to fish then you need to bring your own gear.


  • CASUAL DAY VISITORS - There is no charge to use our facilities for guests who are staying overnight as part of the group booking however Day Visitors who wish to attend an event that is being held at our facility by a group in residence are charged at the rate of $20 per person per day. This fee allows casual day visitors to use any of the facilities at Camp Obadiah at no extra charge.


  • DAY BOOKINGS - Groups that do not require accommodation such as weddings, training seminars, day conferences etc. are able to book our facility for daily use. ​The rates are as follows:

    • ​​​​​Monday-Thursday (except school holidays) -  $800 per day

    • Friday-Sunday - $1000 per day

    • School Holidays - $1000 per day


This fee is for groups of up to 120 guests and includes full and exclusive use of our facilities the camp kitchen & dining rooms, conference hall, BBQ sites,campfire sites, gymnasium, tennis court, lake and jetty.


  • GARBAGE & WASTE - There are 10 wheelie bins with red lids and 10 with yellow lids located on the hard-standing area beside the administration building. Please ensure that only recyclable materials are placed in the yellow-topped bins. Recyclable materials are tin & aluminium cans, plastic bottles and lids, paper and cardboard plus other plastic items. It is appreciated if you could rinse bottles and cans before disposing of them.




Please place all general waste and household waste in the red-topped bins.

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